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A management student and fashion engineer by profession penning down words for the love of it.

I love Storytelling and all the forms of art that present it. How beautiful to be not restricted or bound by anything?
Music. Dance. Acting. Writing. Filmography. Architecture. Orations. Fashion. Photography.
These will be broken down into finer, soft tune versions and I’ll still love them all.

Movies catch my attention big time. Especially Bollywood.
There’s so much going about at the same time (sometimes out of the focus too). Colours, people, expressions, emotions and then songs to back up all of these!

Love travelling too. Travelling for me is going to new places (climbing random steep mountains are off limits), to explore ancient arches and winding roads, feel the engraved history on the walls of monuments, capturing every beauty of the nature.
Keep moving, one to another, breaking through the monotony of life.

Cricket is my religion! No I don’t play the sport but I follow pretty much like God.
I would say it is more because of the cricket crazy country I am born into.

Food of course! Too many preferences and as many dislikes.
Green vegetables are obviously not on list.
Chicken tops the chart.
I like my rice non sticky and my tea hard boiled.

Well when it comes to Heart! I’m a hopeless romantic.
Love comes easy to me – in words, in songs, in emotions but hard on luck.
Though I really happy that way. It is way more complicated than it is portrayed to the world.

This is what adds up to Yashasvi or maybe more. Let’s keep rest to be discovered later!
You can contact me. Details on upper right hand corner!

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