I was never yours
I don’t want you to be mine.

I am happy with you greeting me every morning
Your awkward walk that will cross my path
That one look enough to stop my heart
The way those eyes wrinkle at the edges when you laugh
The shade of pink on your cheeks turn when I make you blush
The gross your jokes can go and yet make me giggle

When you are lost in thoughts and I glance up
My eyes will ask, What happened?
Your eyes will smile, you’ll shake your head and reply Nothing.. 🙂

It’s been long enough for me to realize that you aren’t just a mere crush
But then again, I am not the love you deserve
I’m almost there but not really
I cannot be and wouldn’t go too

Just one request
Be my half love, will you?


This was written Sept 4, 2015 but never posted until now.