There are two ways of dealing with it.

  1. Question yourself – Does their believing so affect you? Directly or indirectly? Does ‘everyone’ include people that matter the most to you?
    See, I know living with such negative mentality around is choking and stressing. But is it so? Or are you letting it get it you?
    If answer to this is NO, then you needn’t worry. Continue with your life as you are.
    But, if you have asked this question here, I am assuming answer is YES.
  2. That brings us to the other way – prove them wrong! Go ahead, challenge yourself, be better than you were yesterday and excel at everything you love. Don’t do what everyone thinks you should, do what you know feels right.

Buddy, one thing is for sure, YOU ARE NOT A USELESS PIECE OF SHIT.
I believe in you, You should too.

All the very best. Choose the best option.

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