So, you have two options. Let’s give a thought to both.

  1. Taking revenge. You sit up, day through night plotting revenge against this enemy of yours. You scrutinize every move, every action, every other word they utter and dissect all to their minimal form. Finally, as per your plan, your enemy pays for the hurt they caused you. You are happy, satisfied.
  2. Forgive. Not easy to let go thoughts of betrayal, deceit, hurt, loss but you learn to train your brain to overcome those. Over a phase of time, there is peace within. Now, You are happy, satisfied.

Both cases, you do end up happy and satisfied, but in first case you put in all your energy and time on someone you don’t necessarily give a shit about. In the second case, you are using those energies and time on yourself, THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE.

I think you have your answer now.

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