This one is a late Mother’s Day post. But there is a reason behind that too.
Talking to her yesterday (on Mother’s Day), don’t remember how our chat wandered to the time when she had taught me to cook – my first dish – Tea!

I was in Class IV, about 9 years of age. Tea was probably the next easiest thing after Maggi.
Add water, milk, sugar. Bring to boil. Add tea leaves/granules. Boil till orangish colour. Pour. Serve.
Simple. Or I thought so.

We had guests the next day. My mother proudly boasted as how I could make good tea.
I was excited. It was my first time. To flaunt my cooking skills. Rather tea making :/

Anyhow, there were 3 guests, with mom and dad, it would be 5 people. So 5 cups of tea. Cooking maths done.
I followed the same procedure. 5 Water cups, 5 Milk cups, 5 tablespoons of Sugar.
And… 5 tablespoons of tea granules for 5 people!
Simple maths, no?

Probably not 😦
The instant I left it to boil, it turned to brown rather than orangish shade.
Shocked, I called onto my mother. Her face had a look I couldn’t decipher.
I had done something wrong. What? I didn’t know.

I was expecting her to shout or so. But instead, she asked me to sit with the guests.
I did.
15 minutes later, she arrived with snacks and 5 cups of golden orange tea. “Shailly has made this”, she beamed.

I looked at her and she smiled.
It was after the guests had left, I learnt the ‘maths of tea’.

Not only she is a expert in work, she is an expert of emotions as well.